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Minimalism, it’s a word that puts panic into the hearts of those who like the cosy country look, but minimalism doesn’t have to be daunting, in fact it can be stylish and timeless scheme when used with wall tiles to bring warmth and depth.

Taking inspiration from Japan, the minimalist look celebrates simplicity, calm, and an appreciation of all things plain, with the idea that too much stuff drains us of energy and increases our stress levels.

Minimalism is about the absence of unnecessary features, a way of shunning the non-essential in order to focus on what’s truly important to us, and what is highly functional.With a minimalist look we are clearing away all but the most essential things, to make room for that which gives us the most joy.

Less is so much more in a minimalist arrangement, where there is no one thing in the scheme to outshine another, where each piece is appreciated on its own qualities.

venetian minimal tile interior design


jurassic minimal tile interior design

Jurassic (coming soon)

terre minimal tile interior design

Terre (coming soon)

fusion minimal tile interior design


When shopping for a minimalist scheme, make each purchase considered so that you don’t end up with too much; only the barest essentials. Choose it because it’s better made and will last longer and because you will love it forever. Minimalism is about quality over quantity.

So how do you achieve such a look? Open space is the ideal in minimalism. Don’t fill every square inch of the room. You want to retain the freedom to move with breathing room. Minimalism prefers crisp lines, solid surfaces and plenty of light making it much easier to keep the space clean.

Use raw materials, like marble, slate and solid wood. Opt for stoneware, solid wooden utensils or other tableware that you choose for their texture and feel when using them. And for soft furnishings go for linen and pure cotton. Natural, beautiful, simple functional pieces or objects. It can be rustic or sleek with clean lines and limited decoration but that doesn’t mean cold, clinical or lifeless.

In this scheme a whole wall of simple stone tiles work beautifully, warming and bringing the room together into an aesthetically pleasing whole.