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The Modern Kitchen


Colours of the day for the modern kitchen are a crisp white or dark and brooding grey, with clean lines and sleek, ultra-smooth glossy surfaces, handle-less cabinets and minimal clutter. This streamlined look can feel a little clinical though so is brought to life with pops of vibrant colour in the form of accessories, light shades, bar stools and of course, kitchen wall tiles. Two that immediately spring to mind are Rosso in our Marylebone range, and Lime or Mauve scored in our Decko range – both would work well.

Of course wall tiles don’t have to be bold and colourful but can form part of the backdrop against which the brighter colours will stand, but still holding their own in terms of style. Elementos, for instance, is a new collection that brings modern urban chic into any home.

The modern kitchen is a mixture of informal and relaxed, industrial and functional. Effortless functionality is the name of the game with easy care materials and low maintenance fittings. The flooring is clean and industrial with concrete or similar looking floor tiles. Our Trend range in Plata, or our Montalcino range in white are both perfect for creating this look.

elementos kitchen wall tiles

Above image: Elementos Tile Range

elementos kitchen wall tiles modern

Above image: Elementos Tile Range

In the modern kitchen, appliances are hidden behind doors, with modern utensils kept to a minimum. For the ultra modern look, keep surfaces completely free of adornment, the modern kitchen is about a lack of clutter, the least fussy the better. But I find this a bit too cold, so perhaps use shelves to display a few favourite colourful pieces. Use geometric prints for accent fabrics and furniture.

An island or peninsular will take centre stage in the modern kitchen providing ample storage within. And good lighting is essential - use task spotlights if possible and make the most of the natural daylight, keeping windows free of dressing and clutter. If privacy is not an issue, let the natural light flood in and illuminate the sleek surfaces.

You want nothing to get in the way of the light bouncing around the room and so white worktop in the way of quartz, corian and marble are good options for achieving this.

You can of course add some retro charm to the modern look with antique details or use white metro tiles with grey grout for that urban edgy feel.