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Modular Floor Tiles

Modular floor tile designs incorporate various tile sizes together in a regular and regimented pattern on the floor. There are different patterns available to follow, some use 3 different sizes, some use a lot more. Tileflair staff will help you calculate how many tiles of each size you need and have various patterns designed especially for each modular floor tile range sold.

Modular floor tiles have been a popular choice perhaps because they create interest on the floor by breaking up the straight lines that can be used with regular Floor Tiles. They create interesting spaces and can make the space look larger. Modular floor tiles do not lead the eye to follow lines to the edge of the room (away from the floor) they encourage the eye to linger on and appreciate the pattern on the tiled floor. It requires more planning with a modular floor pattern, but the end results are worth it especially as floor tiles will last for many years when fixed correctly.

Loire Modular Floor Tile

There are many different colours, styles, designs and textures available on modular floor tiles. Here are a few top ranges that are available at Tileflair to give you an idea what is available:

loire modular floor tiles

Loire Floor Tiles
The décor tiles in this gorgeous range offer a random mix of patterns imprinted onto the surface of the tiles. Incorporate these décor tiles with the modular floor tiles and you will achieve a stand-out interior individual to you. The two colours available are the lighter beige Ecru and also the contrasting dark grey Ardois.

toscano modular floor tiles

Toscano Floor Tiles
Toscano reflects lots of subtle, warm colours and textures that are soft and inviting. Toscano glazed porcelain floor tiles have the appearance of tumbled natural stone, the surface is subtly textured and mottled for a classic and versatile feel. Four different sizes are mixed to create the perfect modular floor or chose any other combination for a truly individual look.

antichi modular floor tiles

Antichi Floor Tiles
Antichi, with its rustic feel has proved to be a popular floor tile. Modular designs add variety and creativity to floor designs, floor plans are available upon request. The matt finish porcelain floor tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so why not extend this beautiful look into the garden? Available in almond or beige.

Lansdown modular floor tiles

Lansdown Floor Tiles
The beautiful Lansdown Modular floor tiles are a realistic stone design that has colour variations to add detail and charm to the floor. The elegance of the traditional soft stone can be continued outdoors as well indoors. Four different sized tiles are incorporated into the modular design, which come as a random colour mix.

Here are some example modular floor tile designs, more are available upon request. Tileflair staff are happy to help plan your tile project and calculate the correct quantities required for your desired modular floor plan design and also help with regular Floor Tiles.

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