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Muretto Style; the Ultimate in STone Chic

Perfect for Tiled Feature Walls, Floor and Wall continuous tile designs, Tactile lovliness.


muretto tiles
Above image: Split Tile Series

A modicum of luxurious textured material in a sleek setting speaks of style and indulgence, and nothing says luxurious more than muretto style textured tiles, the ultimate in stone chic.

Texture can bring life to a contemporary room design that can sometimes look a little sterile without some kind of dramatic element. Textured wall tiles fit the bill perfectly without being too obtrusive and overbearing. They look amazing in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway, plus there are increasing numbers of living rooms adopting this style, not forgetting tiling around classic fireplaces.


Natural stone or a quality stone effect product on the walls and floors such as the muretto style brings character to a space, and using it on a feature wall is an easy way to add personality to a room, without overpowering it. Our Linear tile series, for example, is a cacophony of texture and is shown to spectacular and dramatic effect in a neutral setting, suitable for the wall and floor.

linear muretto tiles linear muretto tiles
Above images: Linear Tile Series

Our Dwell Muretto mosaic range comes in a range of colours including a gorgeous contemporary grey and can be used pretty much anywhere. It looks equally stunning in a dining area with a rustic wood table as it does in a minimalist kitchen setting with white cabinets and accessories. Tones of brown muretto mosaic wall tiles work beautifully with wood furniture and fittings, the spectrum of shades in wood is complimented beautifully by the wall tiles.

dwell kicthen muretto tiles
Above image: Dwell Tile Series

However, you want to keep it to one wall because the wall tiles themselves speak volumes. Too much of anything is never good, and too many textures can get a little crowded. Treat these wall tiles as an uplifting textural counterpoint upon which the rest of the room hangs. In the bathroom for example, use the muretto style tiles in contrast with a smooth large format wall tile so that the colours complement each other. Or use the muretto wall tiles as a break between other format of tiles to add interest.

highlands muretto tiles
Above image: Highlands Tile series

If you’re looking to make a powerful impression in your home, then the muretto style tile is a decorative feature that will not disappoint. These wall tiles add oodles of depth and integrity to a room, its rugged finish and raw quality giving a unique element to a room that speaks volumes.

Recommended Textured Tiles: Linear, Split, Dwell Muretto Tiles, Highlands, Party, Athena, Venetian.

athena muretto tiles Venetian tile series
Above images: Athena Tile series & Venetian Tile series