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New year, re-vamped kitchen

It’s the New Year, January sales are tempting us, and we feel the need to make some changes. Forget the diet, why not give your kitchen a revamp instead? You don’t need to spend thousands to transform a tired, outdated kitchen into a bright, modern space. Simple changes such as fitting a new wall tile splash back can give your kitchen a completely new look.

For a really audacious change use a bold colour, perhaps something you’d not even have considered last year. It could be the start of the new adventurous you. A strip of bold riotous colour on the walls will give instant impact to a neutral kitchen. An all-white kitchen is the ideal backdrop for a quirky patchwork splashback, or consider a textured treat of glass mosaics which will add a tasteful and interesting touch. Mosaic glass wall tiles come in a huge array of shapes, patterns, sizes and finishes including shimmering iridescent, like our Imola Mosaic tiles which add a luxurious edge.

Paint the walls a different colour to make the kitchen feel brand new. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint to the walls or hanging new blinds or curtains can do to bring your kitchen to life.

If youre looking for a more drastic change painting the doors and drawer fronts of your kitchen units can make a huge difference to your kitchen but requires much effort. But something as simple as replacing old knobs and handles with stylish new designs can transform the look of cabinets and drawers. Another effective way of rejuvenating a kitchen is to replace the work surfaces, the choices are infinite, the impact is immediate.

In any room, lighting has an enormous impact on the feel of the room but in a kitchen it also has the most important practical function of keeping the food prep areas well lit. Consider attaching lights to the underside of wall cabinets to illuminate worktops; behind the cornices above the wall cabinets; inside glass-doored cabinets, or even under the base units. All of which will have a big impact on your kitchen.

Whatever changes you make, big or small, make them impactful to bring New Year cheer to your home.