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Patchwork and Patterned Tiles

Patchwork and Patterned Tiles

Patterned Tiles have made a delightful comeback. Beautiful and exotic patterns evoke the senses to allow colour and geometric fun to make a statement in the room. The designs add depth to the room scheme and a focal point, whether on the wall or the floor.

The nature of patterned tiles creates a bohemian and eclectic style to the room, especially if you mix and match different patterns to form a patchwork of colour and design. Combine patchwork and patterned tiles with contemporary schemes to add a statement wall that guarantees the wow factor.

This style originated in Morocco and Spain with very bold and dramatic patterns and styles from these sun-drenched countries. Other patterns originate from the Victorian era, notably with today’s reclaimed floor tiles.

Create Something Beautiful with patchwork and patterned tiles at Tileflair. The following tile designs range from colourful and bohemian, to embossed patterns in glossy white. The choice is yours!

Design Tip:  How you use patterned tiles is entirely up to you. Some people prefer the patterns to dominate the room, others prefer to include the patchwork and patterned tiles as a focal point to areas such as sink, shower or kitchen splashback.


If you love patterned tiles as much as we do, then our new Victorian-style range is bound to set your pulse racing. Combining the practicality and durability of glazed porcelain, with stunning colour and pattern, these tiles make any wall or floor into a statement piece. All you need do is decide which pattern suits your personality and your home. When combined with contemporary schemes, they create a focal point and guarantees the wow factor.

bordeaux patterned tiles bordeaux patterned tiles

bordeaux patterned tiles bordeaux patterned tiles


This beautiful patterned design does not have to dominate the room, prepare to loose yourself in the uniqueness and randomness of the patterns. Create a perfect tiled feature wall or zone (perhaps above a sink or near the shower) in a choice of elegant colours: Blue, Grey and Beige Décor patterned tiles to mix with the Artisan base tile.


Combine the Ivory base tile with the patterned décor tiles to create a feature wall or create impact in chosen spaces if you do not wish to dominate the entire room with these patterned tiles. Kitchen splashbacks or above bathroom sinks are recommended areas to add character and detail.



The Dwell range features beautiful inset tiles in various styles and colours that allow you to create different designs and patterns. The 100x100mm inset tiles are intended to coordinate with the plain wall tiles and you can use these for an entire room, a splashback area or a feature strip.



The beautiful Valentino tile series uses geometric pattern to create a statement in your room with a guaranteed wow factor. These unique designs are a high quality print with intricate detail on every décor tile. Use all six designs together for an eclectic design or individually for impact.

Michelino (embossed)

The Michelino tile range is an impressive collection of plain and embossed décor metro tiles. The charming colours include pale sage, tortora, dark grey, almond and white. The embossed pattern on the white décor tiles catches the light to extenuate the design and create interest to your tile design.

michelino tiles michelino tiles


This is a special order product for more information please contact our helpdesk or download more info.


special order patchwork and pattern tiles

special order patchwork and pattern tiles


This is a special order product for more information please contact our helpdesk or download more info



patchwork and pattern tiles special order patchwork and pattern tiles