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Put Brick Metro Tiles on your wall!

Almost everyone loves the modern shape of the metro tile, and these lovely shaped tiles are available in such a plethora of colours and textures, so it’s easy to incorporate this style of wall tile into any kitchen or bathroom.

brick metro tiles

One of my personal favourites though has to be our range of Brick wall tiles; a simple and modern metro tile with a rustic twist. The slight irregularities on the surface of these attractive tiles cause the light to fall differently on each one and as such they look hand made and unique. I have used the Brick wall tiles, in pale grey, to beautiful effect as the backsplash to my range cooker and dark grey kitchen, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

These adaptable wall tiles come in ten impressive colours, which means that whatever your intended colour scheme, you will find a beautiful matching or contrasting tile in our Brick range to complement its surroundings.

brick metro tiles brick metro tiles brick metro tiles

If you’re going for a complete white bathroom, these tiles will add an exciting industrial touch. Alternatively, in a serene white room of Brick, a block row in a complimenting colour makes for a completely modern and unique contrast. With this scheme you could treat the floors with the same complementing colour for overall cohesion.

These tiles are so simple you can choose a coloured grout to influence the overall effect and it wouldn’t look too fussy; the white Brick wall tile looks fabulous with any bold-coloured grout so mix it up to suit your personal colour preferences.

brick metro tiles brick metro tiles

Have a colour fest with some of the range’s other hues; a blue Brick backsplash looks striking in a neutral kitchen, Brick in jade looks like a wall of ocean, perfectly suited to a bathroom with a white bathroom suite to set off the vibrancy of the wall tiles. The red Brick offers a striking and daring look, giving the room a burst of energy and flamboyance. The olive, a beautiful muted green brings the outside in and looks lovely when teamed with oak furniture and accessories.

The versatile Brick tile looks fabulously contemporary when paired with modern materials such as a concrete sink, or beautifully rustic when complimented with warm woods. However you choose to use them these wall tiles are perfectly in tune with any style of interior.

brick metro tiles brick metro tiles

brick metro tiles

brick metro tiles brick metro tiloes brick metro tiles brick metro tiles