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Black Kitchen Floor Tiles

black floor tiles

Above image: San Gimignano Charcoal

It is the ideal time of year to start planning to re-tile your kitchen. This blog will raise some options for those considering a darker coloured floor.

Black Kitchen Floor Tiles

A dark floor holds a rich elegance. Opting for a darker kitchen floor tile will create an impressive backdrop to the rest of the room. It can create impact by adding some drama to the room, especially of contrasting with lighter coloured walls.

It is a natural choice to have the floor a darker shade that the walls, as this is logical interior design. We naturally associate a difference between the wall and the floor. In the kitchen you also have to consider the colour of the work-tops and cupboard doors.

A good tip is to match the colour of the kitchen work-top with the floor. The wall tiles and cupboards can then coordinate and compliment or contrast.

If you were thinking that a darker floor would hide all stains and spillages – you should reconsider. Keeping dark floors in top condition requires a labour of love. On the other-hand, having dark flooring will highlight how much dirt and dust actually accumulates on the floor, thus helping you stay on top of it. It depends on your point of view to cleanliness! There are plenty of other kitchen floor tiles available.

black kitvhen floor tiles black kitchen floor tiles

Above images: Himalaya Annapurna and Lux Black

Different Black Floor Tile Effects

  1. Dark Stone Effect kitchen floor tiles will add interest to the room. A good example of this is Himalaya Annapurna Black Modular floor tiles.
  2. Textured black kitchen floor tiles, such as Highlands Black floor tiles will offer a unique effect to the floor.
  3. Matt effect black floor tiles are available in a number of sizes, from 300 x 300mm to 600 x 300mm.
  4. Black colour tip: Alternative names for black include Anthracite, Charcoal and Grafito.

I would highly recommend taking a tile sample home or two and placing it on the floor you are thinking about tiling, to see how the light effects the tile. Sometimes the light in your home will create a different colour tone and effect (if textured) to the black colour you see on the screen or in a shop.

Black kitchen floor tiles will certainly add an elegant edge to your kitchen.