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Tricks to revamp your kitchen

Giving your home a new sparkle doesn’t have to mean ripping out the whole kitchen and starting again from scratch, there are things you can do to give it a new look and feel while keeping the cost minimal – the trick is the change those elements that make the most impact. Changing your kitchen tiles will have a large impact to the look and feel of the room, as well as other tricks of the trade.

If you have wood kitchen doors then as long as you still like the design you can paint them or have them professionally sprayed, you can change the handles. If you don’t like the design you can change the door but keep the carcasses - reusing them in a newly configured kitchen will save thousands.

Contemporary Kitchen by Scotland Architects Somner Macdonald Architects

If you do replace the doors in your kitchen then go as sustainable as possible.

Wood is the most sustainable of materials being a natural, renewable product and is not only naturally beautiful, versatile and adds character and warmth to a room, considering its durability it is also exceptionally good value for money. A good quality wood product should, with a little care and maintenance, last a lifetime, hence the reason so many Victorian houses still have their original wood features. Wood cupboard doors can be repeatedly painted and wood worktop can be repeatedly sanded and oiled, as can flooring.

lisa case study natural stone 

If you replace only the worktop and wall tiles you can have a completely different look. And don’t think you’ll be less satisfied with the end result, personal experience has shown me that it’s actually much more satisfying revamping a kitchen rather than opting for a complete new one because you get a new look and a lot of money saved.


Other than making a mosaic table top out of your old kitchen tiles there is little you can do with them if you no longer love them. Besides, if there is one thing that will make a big difference to a kitchen it’s changing the wall tiles, especially if you choose a completely different design, style and size. Metro tiles will add an industrial feel, whereas outsized neutral tiles will give a modern, chic feel while coloured or patterned tiles can give a country or Mediterranean feel – you get my drift.


These days we seem quite comfortable with our throwaway culture with many of us replacing our kitchens every few years for a brand new one but by changing certain key elements in our kitchen we can create a whole new look at the fraction of the cost. If we make sure we reuse materials as responsibly as possible and reclaim elements that we still love we are not only saving our pockets and reducing landfill but we are preserving a little bit of history - something once loved, can be loved again in a new setting.