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Reverse Metro Tiles

If you want something a little different in your kitchen then consider the new style Metro tile - the Reverse Metro. A modern update to the ultimate bathroom staple, this clever design combines the good looks of the standard metro tile with an inverted bevelled edge, much like a picture frame, to create a new decorative twist on a simple design.

reverse metro tiles

The Reverse Metro Tile still has that glossy finish that bounces light around the room but the inverse bevelled edge adds a whole new dimension to your wall. These attention-grabbing Metro tiles can be used to add an element of interest to a wall, make a statement of a particular feature of bring charm and depth to a kitchen splashback, giving your wall masses more interest and depth.

Of course, these tiles can be used in whatever inspired creation you choose. So, you could for instance, combine the Reverse Metro tile with the classic plain Metro tile of the same colour, thereby allowing the light to reveal the distinctive tiles in among the plain. One of the benefits of using the Reverse metro tile is that you can use it to frame a feature; a window or a doorway, a bath or a basin area for instance – a particularly good way to showcase a particular favourite part of a room.

reverse metro 

These attention-grabbing tiles also look good as a horizontal border between the simpler metro wall tiles below and the plain wall above. Or use them to emphasize a shower area. Mix up the Reverse Metro in with plain Metro in a haphazard way or any way you please to add more interest to a whole tiled wall or room. There is a world of options.

reverse metro tile grey

So, for a refreshing contemporary take on the simple metro tile consider the Reverse Metro wall tile. This range comes in a variety of colours to match plain metro tiles for use together, or mix up the tiles and the colours. You can be as creative as your heart desires.

Be unique! Check out the Reverse Metro Tile Range, we love it!


reverse metro tiles

reverse metro