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Rich's Conservatory

My conservatory before and after tiling the floor

My first experience laying floor tiles. (Part One)


I am going to take you through my experience of laying floor tiles in my conservatory. This was my first stab at floor tiling so I’m hoping my experience will help other DIYers.

The previous owners of our house were an elderly couple whose’ taste was not to our liking, to say the least. The whole house was a strip out and start again job, every room needed decorating and I was going to have to do most of the work myself to keep the cost down. I consider myself pretty confident as far as DIY is concerned. I’ll have a go at most jobs even if I haven’t tried them before. So tiling my conservatory floor was a task I was happy to tackle. I am confident with a tile cutter, as I cut up a lot of the samples we send in the post from our website.

conservatory floor before tiling


conservatory after floor tiling


Room layout and colour.


The conservatory is joined to our sitting room via a set of large sliding glass doors at the back of the house. These large doors when open make the back of the house feel like one big space rather than two separate rooms. I was keen to keep this open plan aspect and wanted to continue the colours in the sitting room in to the conservatory. With that in mind I decided to paint the conservatory the same colour as the sitting room and wanted tiles to match this colour, Natural Hessian, I think, or something like that…….beige anyway.

My girlfriend and I had a look around the showroom at Cribbs Causeway, we had sort of narrowed our search down as we knew the colour we wanted. We found the Coast Ivory 600 x 300mm tiles and liked the feel of it, not too smooth so they wouldn’t be slippery. Unusually for us we made our decision pretty quickly and were happy with the Coast tiles.

One of the most satisfying jobs on this project was ripping up the awful carpet in the conservatory, it was brown and orange and very busy. Just by removing that carpet made the room feel so much bigger. I had already painted the walls, the tiles were a good match to the beige, sorry I mean Natural Hessian. I spread out the tiles on the floor and was really lucky the room was exactly the right width to lay the tile with no cuts!!! This meant I only had to cut two tiles on the end of each row as I was laying them brick bond.

Thats it for part one I will conclued my exciting experience of floor tiling in part two.


Blog by Rich Palmer

Tileflair Marketing Assistant