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Finding Bathroom Tiles

Sandy Bathroom Tiles?

Today I was set with the task to find bathroom tiles for my home. At this point questions started to race through my mind. What colour? What style? How many tiles would I need? And that’s when it hit me. Is this what interior designers, builders, customers go through day in day out to find their perfect tile. I naively thought it was a simple process. How wrong I was. When picking tiles you need to be 100% sure what you want. Do you want a feature wall? All the room tiled? What colour? These are the questions you need to know all the answers too. Visit a showroom or speak to our helpdesk and they will be able to help you find the answers.

Many businesses offer the “dream bathroom” but how do they know what I want from a bathroom? Surely that’s the most important thing, what I want. I started by searching possible designs. This gave me an idea what I wanted. Over the years the “typical” bathroom has been blue or white to mix in with the theme of water. This to me is old news. There are many other designs that offer me the “dream bathroom”. The new bathroom for me is sand. This stays with the beach/Maritain theme whilst offering a relaxing feel as soon as you walk in. That’s what is important. To me a bathroom is somewhere I can have a hot bubble bath after a hard days work. Somewhere I can relax and escape life for an hour.


The cool colour of beige is neutral which straight away makes me want to relax. This is why it is almost an essential colour for a bathroom. Light colours seem to be the latest craze so adding white decorative features with this beige will create a peaceful sanctuary to escape. A bathroom with a style like this is something you can really take pride of, to not be embarrassed when someone says “can I use your bathroom”.

And here they are. Beige is the new bathroom colour. The travertine effect adds to the sandy theme of beach without the classic blue of the water. A perfect bathroom.

With a colour like this you really can “create something beautiful”.


Written by Guest Writer, Melissa Baber.

sandy bathroom tiles