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Show some #shelfie love

Open shelves have become quite a design feature recently. That’s not all – they’re practical and economical too.

And there is no better way to show off your open shelves than with some beautiful wall tiles. They form the perfect backdrop for your shelves and help you to display all your beautiful china and glass to full effect.

Tiles and shelving are devoted to one another and you can see them together in many stylish homes across the country. Don’t believe us? We have some lovely examples to show you so whet your appetite by heading over to our Pinterest board.


Why shelves?

We’re glad you asked. Shelves are no longer for storing your old, half-used tins of paint in the garage. Open shelving has replaced the kitchen wall cupboard as a practical storage solution, and is considered a design feature in its own right.

Open shelving creates a whole new aesthetic in the kitchen as it looks very modern and relaxed. You can display your favourite china or glassware on the open shelves, making it all much easier to find.

With open shelves, there are no bulky cupboards stopping the light from bouncing around the room. So, the effect is a much more open, lighter space which helps make the room feel bigger. Shelves are also the perfect, economical solution to having a lovely, statement kitchen because they cost the fraction of the price of kitchen cupboards.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some of these lovely examples of shelf love.

These lovely Brick tiles look pale and beautiful in this kitchen. The gentle pale grey colour is accentuated by the lovely wood of the shelves (below right). The white tile looks super-stylish with the black shelf brackets and the whole look is softened by the rich wood shelves. These super-long shelves display loads of lovely china and glass to full effect, and are very much complimented by the white metro tiles which offer a relaxed industrial look (below left).

shelfie shelfie

Here the simple dark wood shelves add extra warmth to this minimalist kitchen. The shelves display just a few favourite items without adding clutter (below left). And here, again the wood shelf, which matches the worktop, compliments and softens the look of the white metro tiles, making it both a practical and a beautiful space (below right). Don’t keep them apart – they were meant to be together. Combine some lovely open shelves with some of our beautiful wall tiles and show some shelf love.

shelfie shelfie