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Give your walls texture appeal

Adding texture to our décor can enhance the depth and character of any room, offering both tactile and visual appeal, especially if you have a mix of several textured elements. Wall tiles are good for bringing texture into the kitchen, bathroom or hallway but choose tiles with tactile qualities.

Textured wall tiles change with the light, they can be brought alive with natural light or enhanced with spotlights. Glazed tiles are smooth and reflect the light so will look sleeker, and tend to be used in more modern kitchens whereas unglazed tiles give a rough tactile texture, they absorb the light so giving a rustic, more natural feel to a room. Our Athena stone effect wall tiles and floor tiles for instance give a stunning, real stone effect that is enhanced in natural daylight.

Texture is not just for the traditional or rustic kitchen, it can add character to the most modern of kitchens too. For modern texture try our Michelino Metro wall tiles. They come in different styles of embossed detail and add loads of interest to a plain tiled wall.

If you want texture underfoot there are a multitude of options available. Natural stone or stone effect floor tiles will feel hard under bare foot but feel solid and substantial and visual interest is given from granules and patina of the stone. Wood is warmer, both physically and visually with interest coming from the wood grain. Oak and pine show the most wood grain and can be enhanced with the finish. Floor tiles, with the huge variety of textures, patterns and effects available can be whatever you want them to be.

Bring more texture into your home with other elements like reclaimed wood furniture or cupboard doors. Rustic looking benches or shelving can bring interest to plain white walls and offer contrast to smooth worktops. Use fabrics too to bring colour and texture into a kitchen with cotton tablecloths, chair seat covers or ragrugs.