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The classic bathroom tile design – Clasico and Quantocks

When renovating your bathroom on a budget, it is wise to invest in wall tiles that will go the distance, a classic style that will not date and is of such good quality that they’ll look good for many years to come. When it comes to bathroom tile designs there is none more classic than our Clasico range, a stunning stone effect wall tile.

clasico stone effect tiles


Because your bathroom is subject to daily wear and tear, any compromise in quality will soon be noticeable, but take inspiration from the natural stone and beige bathrooms of quality hotels by considering our Clasico range of wall and floor tiles. With these tiles you can have the best of both worlds, a beautiful bathroom at an affordable price.

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These warm beige ceramic tiles come in two neutral and warm shades, Noce and the lighter Blanco, and the surface of both is dappled with varying shades. They come in both wall and floor tiles and give a spa like feel to your room.

One of our most popular ranges, our stone effect Clasico range is a very versatile wall tile. When other wall tile fashions come and go, this one will look stylish for many years; it’s a classic style that will not date. One of the other benefits of the Clasico range is that it looks good with border tiles to compliment it, so you can simply change the border for a different look, should you get a bit bored with it.

clasico stone effect tiles

Quantocks is another of our best sellers, again another versatile wall tile that will not date. The Quantocks range also has a textured décor tile to add interest to your bathroom.

Both of these ranges look amazing in a large area. Used on the floors and the walls, the pale beiges of these tiles give a room an airy spacious feel, and work especially well with white ceramic ware. Both the Clasico.

So if you’re looking to create a beautiful natural stone effect bathroom that brings a fresh but warm feel, then you need to look no further than our Clasico or Quantocks ranges. Just add a minimalist bathroom suite for a bathroom that will be stylish for many years to come and the Quantocks can be placed in portrait, which will make the room feel taller, or landscape, creating a wider feel.

quantocks stone effect tiles

clasico tiles stone effect clasico stone effect tiles

quantocks stone effect tiles