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The Wonders of Wood Effect

the wonders of wood effect tiles

With the chill of winter on the horizon, we might be turning our minds to making our homes feel a little warmer. And what better way to add a feel of warmth than with wood flooring. However, if you’re looking for a flooring that takes minimal maintenance, looks beautiful all of its life and does not wear, then wood effect tiles could be a better choice for you.

Although made from porcelain so are extremely hard wearing, wood effect tiles allow you to create the look and feel of hardwood floor, without the maintenance that goes along with it. Oak effect, pine effect - whatever your preference, wood effect floor can bring a whole new dimension to your living area. And wood effect technology has advanced to the degree that it is difficult to tell the wood effect from the real thing.

the wonders of wood effect tiles



the wonders of wood effect tiles



the wonders of wood effect tiles



the wonders of wood effect tiles



View all of our impressive wood effect tiles

Our Pyrenees tile range uses the latest digital and printing technologies to create a beautiful wood print that is alive with the grain and knots of real wood. It is available in four colours designed to suit every style of interior; Hickory or Oak will suit the country and traditional room schemes whereas Natural and Smoke offer warmth and texture to a contemporary scheme.

With a lovely natural wood grain that will not fade or darken in the sun unlike real wood flooring, these tiles look stunning in the kitchen, hallway or throughout your home. They don’t scratch or mark, will not warp and as they come in rectangular shape tiles can be laid in a variety of styles such as herringbone or brick-bond, adding extra visual appeal. Their natural friendly look, and their practicality, can also extend into the living room. Of course you needn’t limit these lovely to the floor. There are also wood effect tiles that look beautiful as a feature wall; a refreshing way of creating a rustic wow factor in your living area.

 Whether your look is modern, traditional, industrial or country, there are wood effect floor tiles that will suit. These perfect tile hybrids bring added warmth and richness to a room but their durability means that they are perfect for use in busy homes.