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Tile Colour of the Month - Blue

Whenever I see a bold blue hue in a room, no matter where, it always draws my gaze. There is something vibrant, harmonious about blue that makes it a colour that is just as fitting in a contemporary room as it is a classic room. And in the form of clean and fresh kitchen wall tiles this colour has a habit of really standing out.

Contemporary Kitchen by London Photographers Marco Joe Fazio, LBIPP

Blue tiles are a good choice in a bathroom and also a kitchen because they evoke the sky and the sea and therefore feel calming, just what is needed in a busy family kitchen, but still feel clean and refreshing. The thing I love most about blue is that it looks fabulous with geometric prints and patterns. It goes beautifully with whites, pale beiges, and with orange, its most contrasting colour. Mixing several soft shades of blue with these complimenting colours makes for a beautifully cohesive scheme.

brick blue tiles artisan blue tiles

In a kitchen of white with blue wall tiles and complementing shades of blue in accessories and furniture it immediately looks homely. Add some natural wood furniture and surfaces and the feel of the room softens further but retains that freshness, keeping the focus on that gorgeous stroke of color.

Blue backsplash tiles will give an otherwise neutral kitchen a completely different feel and an extra dimension. And we have a blue wall tile to satisfy every taste.

blue tiles blue tiles

Our Decko wall tile range includes blue geo scored and feels fresh and vibrant whether as a splashback or an entire wall, and can be mixed with the plain or scored white tiles.  

Patchwork and patterned tiles are often used as splashback tiles and there is good reason why; they stand out but aren’t overwhelming, and you can be creative in the style you chose and the placement of the wall tiles in this area without them dominating the room.

The beauty of our blue patchwork tile designs is their uniqueness. Placed at random, to your own arrangement, these tiles give an eclectic feel, perfect for creating a homely kitchen. You can also be a little indulgent by using the base and decor Artisan tiles on the floor, using the décor tiles to highlight an area of interest, under a table for instance, or in a hearth.

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For an ultra modern look you might want to consider our dark, glossy and textured Milano Blue wall tiles. Brick blue metro wall tile also look fabulous and have an undulating surface, which grabs attention. Or if you are looking for something a little softer and subtler then Tinte Ash Blue Gloss is a very pale metro tile that will transform your walls. The glossy rippled finish casts the light in a myriad of ways.

artisan blue tiles

Traditional Kitchen by Brookline Interior Designers & Decorators Jonathan Cutler, AIA