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Tile Combining

tile combining

Are you a tile enthusiast who just loves the look and the feel of wall and floor tiles, but are a little bit worried that your multiple combinations will end up giving you a headache?

You can follow your heart and have a fabulous bathroom as long as you don’t stray too far from the rules of tile combining. For example, the obvious combination - try using large format neutral tiles on the bathroom walls and floors but then for a smaller area, such as around the bath, or in an alcove use a high statement wall tile that will add that wow factor to your bathroom. Our Muretto style Linear Grey range is perfect for creating a stunning feature, especially when combined with our Auray white gloss tiles.

If you’re a fan of pattern it might be tempting to have an explosion of it in your bathroom, but this could get expensive if you decide to change it a week later because it’s giving you a migraine! So with strongly patterned tiles, limit them to one surface only, particularly a surface you want to draw attention to. More subtle patterns like our Artisan range can be used on more than one surface as long as it’s not competing with other patterns in the room.

Patterned floors look beautiful if combined with simple wall tiles. But don’t be scared of mixing your sizes. In fact, it’s better to go with two or even three different sizes than to stick to a similar size for both. You need to be looking to contrast your sizes, colours and patterns so that they complement each other rather than have them all competing for your visual attention.

Go for the same colour wall and floor tiles but with different shapes or sizes for a harmonious effect. White metro tiles like our Edge Bianco will go well with our CE White Mosaic tiles. Our Quartz Gris Grey mosaic tiles will go well with large format grey tiles such as our Bloom Antracit. Or mix it up - large format grey tiles with white metro, but give that unified feel with grey grout on the metro tiles. You’re looking for tiles that work together to create a cohesive design and harmonious effect.

You can mix up your textures too for added interest to your bathroom. Stone tiles can be considered neutral in your design, which means that almost any pattern or style can work with it.

Of course, if you want to tile large areas, then it can get pretty expensive.

So be sure to get samples, and place them next to each other to make sure the colours and textures compliment each other. Do this in the room they are to be used because the lighting can have a dramatic effect on the look of each tile.

So try experimenting with multiple tile arrangements to create some fabulous tile combinations, and take your bathroom to the next level.