Chic designs bring glamour and the wow factor to boutique style bathrooms and modern kitchen designs.


Hotel Chic Bathroom

Go glossy and treat yourself to a luxurious feel to your bathroom. Encourage light to reflect and shimmer around your room while you bathe and refresh your senses. It is not just the mirror and sanitary ware that reflects the light, tiles wall to wall, floor to ceiling look stunning and clean. Hotel chic looks modern and contemporary in design, often using large format tiles and clever designs with border tiles.

Tile Design Hints and Tips

• Make your room look and feel bigger! Glossy tiles will reflect the light in the room, creating an illusion of more space. As does large format tiles due to a reduced number of grout lines.
• Finishing touches such as a chrome trim can add to the overall look of the room, plus border tiles can influence the atmosphere of the room.
• Consider installing a wetroom in your bathroom to maximise space and access of the shower in an attractive contemporary style. Note that you will have to incorporate smaller sized tiles on the floor to accommodate the slope.

The realistic marble effect designs offer a classic and timeless style to your bathroom wall.