A current design trend is that of sculptural tiles. The days of two dimensional walls are long gone; make your walls an extension of your house’s personality using textured tiles. Sculptured tiles in different materials, colours and finishes allow you to be as bold or subtle as you wish and the new age of wall tile allows you to look, touch and experience your surroundings.


Design hints & tips:

Use sculptured tiles as a statement wall to add a contemporary finish to neutral room designs

Sculptural 02
Sculptural 03
Sculptural 04


Colourful, glossy and fun. Create impact with these fun metro tiles. Mix and match colours or choose one colour. Consider a contrasting grout colour to highlight the brick-bond design.


The Linear tile enhances surfaces by adding texture, colour and alluring qualities to your wall or floor. This glazed porcelain tile combines strength and durability with beauty making the Linear range one of Tileflair’s most popular

Sculptural 05
Sculptural 06

Textured Mosaics

Textured Mosaics work well in washrooms, as a statement wall or accent. Mosaics give the feel of creativity and work well on curved surfaces giving your room the ‘wow’ factor. Glass mosaics also reflect the light and bounce off walls giving shape to rooms.


Bring texture into your tile design and experiment with light. The Capua series is a textured bathroom wall tile, with a guaranteed wow factor! A collection of small textured cubes make up the surface of the tile, available in glossy white, size 500 x 250mm.

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