Splash of Colour

When choosing your tiles, colour is an important factor that will create mood and atmosphere in the room, plus it shows your personality. Kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles can help you create the ambience you want. Show your true colours! Different colours can determine whether your room is fresh and airy, energising, peaceful or even musterious and dramatic!

Splash of Colour

You can add a hint of colour in the form of a border or a feature wall. This way you can use a strong colour without it over powering the entire room. Borders can be vertical or horizontal near a place of interest. Some tiles have varying shades of colour to add depth to the design. Choose a colour that will make you happy.

Colour 02
Colour 03


This colourful series is perfect for creating a relaxed informal feel in any home. The richness and variety in the colours adds creativity to bathroom or kitchen walls, with the glossy finish that adds appeal.


The colourful Decko tile range has proved a popular choice, you can choose between plain or scored 400 x 250 mm sized tiles in Zuchero White, and add some colour and creativity with either Mora Mauve, Mambo Lime Green or Antille Blue. Everyone loves these colourful and happy tiles.

Colour 04


Colourful, glossy and fun. Create impact with these fun metro tiles. Mix and match colours or choose one colour. Consider a contrasting grout colour to highlight the brick-bond design.