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Split Face
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The exclusive Split range has been the most anticipated tile range to be released in 2014 so far. Tile industry professionals, including Tileflair staff have been very excited about the design possibilities the Split range offers. The tile range is ideal for the creative homeowner, because it makes it easy to achieve stand out interiors in your own design.

Split Face Mosaic

The natural texture and varied surface of the Split Slate Mosaic creates an eye catching focal point in the room. The Split mosaic strips look fab in kitchens and when used as a feature wall or to compliment a fireplace. The mosaic is not grouted in and has to be sealed (like all natural stone tiles). The popularity of Split Face designs is gaining momentum and is appearing in high-end London boutiques and trendy restaurants, used as a natural yet edgy feature wall.

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Choose from the three contemporary colours of black, white and grey in through bodied porcelain, in a choice of three formations (plain, décor and mosaic tiles). These premium lifestyle tiles are extremely hard wearing and are ideal for wall and floor use, especially favourable for wet rooms. Split faced decor is very contemporary in design, the rectified tile edges form precise straight lines making way for precision tiling, which can be fixed with a minimal joint size.

The plain tiles show the true beauty and depth of the colours and effects used. There is an understated shine and glint that radiates from the surface of the tile. The split face décor tiles use strips of panels in varying size, texture and design to create a feature that catches the eye and rouses interest. Coordinating mosaic sheets add to the design collateral available in this tile range, opening up possibilities to tile on all surfaces, including the sloping floor of a wet room or for a contrasting design of splash back in the kitchen.

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