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Unusual places for wall and floor tiles

We usually think of tiles as belonging to the kitchen or bathroom, but recent trends have pointed towards more unconventional places to put wall and floor tiles.

These little square or rectangular pieces of loveliness are so incredibly versatile and practical, being available in a variety of materials and a huge array of designs, colours and textures, it would be a shame to limit them to just the bathroom and kitchen.

The idea of tiles around the fireplace is nothing new, the Victorians did it with flair. But the modern version looks a lot different. One of the most recent trends is to cover the entire chimney breast in moody dark slate-type tiles, such as our Split Slate Mosaic Multi with its natural slate texture and varied surface. And there is nothing to say that this wouldn’t work equally well on a wall in the bedroom, at the head of the bed, with these beautiful chic wall tiles adding both mood and sophistication. Our white or grey split face décor would work well too.

White Split Face Decor 600 x 300mm Grey Split Face Decor 600 x 300mm

 Above images: White Split Face Décor and Grey Split Face Décor

Heavy traffic areas such as the hallway are a good place for floor tiles, as they are hardwearing and practical. Wood effect tiles, such as our French Parquet range, would work flawlessly in a hallway and would provide the loveliness of real wood, without all of the upkeep. Pair your hallway tiles with underfloor heating to add comfort and warmth to the room.

French Parquet Wood Effect Tile Blanc French Parquet Wood Effect Tile Brown

Above images: French Parquet Wood Effect Tile Blanc and French Parquet Wood Effect Tile Brown

Who says wall tiles have to stay on the wall? Use them for areas in the kitchen to cover a dull blank unit side and extend the functional area. Also, floor tiles can be extended up the base boards to give the illusion of a larger floor area, and therefore a larger room. This works particularly well with patterned tiles such as our beautiful Artisan range.

Artisan Blu wall and floor tile Artisan Carbone Grey Decor wall and floor tile

Above images: Artisan Blu wall and floor tile and Artisan Carbone Grey Decor wall and floor tile

There are some lovely patterned tiles which will jazz up any terrace or patio and add a little Mediterranean magic to your outdoor space. Again these can extend up a wall of a small garden to give the illusion of a larger space. The front porch is another area that the Victorians loved to tile, in muted colours or monochrome, as we still see in so many stylish London homes. But, for any outside space, it is advisable to use a non-porous material such as porcelain to avoid the chipping, cracking or fading that you get with other materials.

So, think out-of-the-box and create something beautiful. 

Take a look at our huge array of tiles for inspiration!