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Kitchen floor tiles are essential

Above picture: San Gimignano

The first thing I notice when I enter another home is the flooring, especially when floor tiles are involved. We have so much choice these days for kitchen floor tiles for example that it can seem somewhat overwhelming. But we’re here to put you out of your misery because if you are after impressiveness, versatility, endurance, and a sense of space then floor tiles are unrivalled, especially for the main living area where footfall is generally the heaviest and spillages are most frequent.

Besides the obvious benefits such as the ease of cleaning in the case of spillage, and we all know about young children’s tendency to spill liquids, there are many reasons why we should invest in floor tiles. A tiled floor, whether kitchen floor tiles, living area, hallway or dining area, will give you a strong, long-lasting surface that is easy to clean and can withstand a fair amount of everyday use. But more than this, a tiled floor makes the most of the available space available, bouncing precious light into all those darker corners that would otherwise be swallowed up with dense carpet. Here’s the low down on some of our favourites.

Maybe it's the sleek contemporary look you’re after? Then consider our San Gimignano range which comes in semi-polished and matt finish. Go for something a bit different with our hexagonal Sainte Maxime range; stunning against a neutral room that enables the floor tiles to sing out and grab the attention to all who enter. A real statement floor tile!

himalaya floor tile loire floor tile

La Pobla Dark is good for creating drama and atmosphere in your space. Our modular floor tiles such as our Himalaya stone effect range or our Loire range break all the usual rules of straight lines and do their own thing, creating a pattern that holds your gaze. For real impact and indulgence consider our Mont Blanc Multi, which encompasses colour and pattern reminiscent of natural slate.

Whether you want the real thing or a realistic alternative our range of stone effect floor tiles are alive with colour, ripples, and texture, giving that natural ambiance that comes with a beautiful stone floor.

You can, if you’re brave enough, have your tiles continue from the floors to the walls, blending seamlessly to create a smooth, modern design. We have many options for tiles that are suitable for both walls and floors.

For a seamless look throughout your home, have a singular type of floor tile to cover the whole area. This will bring a sense of unity and flow from one room to another. Our Venetian range, for instance, is for walls and floors and looks very contemporary with its venetian blind effect.

Whether you want a light, spacious neutral look or a bold, bright and colourful space, there are floor tiles to suit every possible weird and wonderful taste or design scheme you can imagine. Really, the sky is the limit. Whatever the style you go for in your décor, in whichever space, there is a plethora of floor tile styles and designs to compliment it.