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What's your bathroom tile style?


If you’re looking to revamp your new bathroom in spring, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve some beautiful inspired tile designs to show you.

But what style tile will you go for?

Bright and bold?

In a small space, such as a bathroom don’t be afraid of going for a decorative scheme with real impact. As we only tend to spend short amounts of time in these spaces we’re less likely to tire of a bright and bold look here than in living rooms and kitchens

Design a scheme which takes a single strong-coloured wall tile as its starting point and work around it for real impact. In the bathroom there is plenty of opportunity to make a feature from wall tiles. Patterned floor tiles or wall tiles, or both, strike a contrast with the minimalism of the white ceramic suite.


Above images: Marylebone Rosso tiles and Decko tiles

Plain and simple? 

Plain white will always be a classic choice when it comes to making the bathroom bright and airy. Of course we can be a bit more creative and go for varying tones of whites, creams, beiges and greys but if you’re adamant on white then white Metro tiles are an ongoing favourite in bathrooms. These modern classics give utility chic with minimal effort. Lay them neatly in classic brick formation or take a look at our ideas for more interesting layout. Use a coloured grout for extra definition and interest.


Above images: Metro Marylebone tiles and Metro Michelino tiles


If you’re unconvinced by pattern or colour in the bathroom then using textured wall tiles to your bathroom is a popular new way to add interest to a neutral design scheme. Bathrooms can often be sterile but adding texture to your bathroom can make it vibrant and welcoming. Consider our Linear or Textura ranges, or for an earthier feel take a look at our Muretto Gorge tile.


Above images: Gorge White Muretto tiles and Textura White tiles

Half and half?

Contrast a plain with a striking tile. Consider a simple Metro tile such as a simple PVT Bevelled White or a Brick tile on the bottom half of the wall and then a more decorative style such as our Dwell Inset tiles or something from our Artisan range for the upper half. This provides visual contrast, and keeps the more interesting pattern at eye level, where it will be most appreciated. The simpler tile below will temper the dramatic effect of the decorative tile to stop the room looking too busy.


Above images: Dwell Inset tiles and Artisan Blu wall and floor tiles

View our gallery to help choose your bathroom tile style!