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Where can I find inspiration for wall and floor tiles?

So you are thinking about tiling your home. You sort of, kind of, know the look you are going for. So you head to the shops to choose some wall and floor tiles and then…oh so many choices, now you really aren’t sure what to do. there are so many walls tiles to choose from you can almost zone out!

First of all breathe and don’t panic- it’s completely normal to get distracted and confused. With so many designs, styles, colours, sizes, materials and design options it’s a wonder any of us make a defined choice at all.

Some of us will know straight away “I want a country kitchen” or “I want tiles reminiscent of the seaside”. Others will know they want to use trendy metro tiles but will not know whether to use them in an urban or vintage theme. Some will know they want a timeless tile that won’t date but will want to spice it up a bit with a fun border tile- but then have to consider which colour border tile will also be timeless? Other home renovators will not have the faintest idea of what they want their dream bathroom or kitchen to look like. But that’s Ok too. Sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration to help us on our way. So where do we get this inspiration for wall tiles and floor tiles?

One thing we can do is use the following materials readily available to us:

  • Magazines such as Beautiful Kitchen magazine
  • Lookbooks such as where you can add articles and pictures to your ‘ideabook’
  • Interior design sites and blogs- is a great inspirational home interiors blog that is mad about metro wall tiles too!

Next you can turn to the experts- Tileflair understands that choosing tiles can be tricky, but we also know that once you nail it you really can create something beautiful in your home. That is why our Tileflair stores are packed full of inspirational settings for you to envision what the tile will actually look like on your wall. We also provide inspirational brochures of our extensive tile collection and our ‘Don’t just tile it transform it’ case study project shows you before and after pictures of real life customer homes.

Wait that’s not it- we also try to help inspire you online:

So don’t panic when it comes to buying wall and floor tiles. Tileflair staff members are helpful knowledgeable and interested when it comes to the tile buying process and are on hand for any questions you may have. Good luck and remember to share your pictures with us when you are done- we would love to see them!