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Why Choose Stone Effect Floor Tiles?

stone effect pinterest stone effect pinterest

Whether you have a mansion or a maisonette stone effect floor tiles not only look stunning and add a sense of grandeur to a room but they emphasis the feeling of space to the absolute max, spreading light into all those darker corners and making the room feel larger as a result.

Whether you go for the real thing or the stone ‘effect’ floor tiles, the natural, neutral shades compliment any style of room. Even contemporary colour schemes with their pops of vibrant colour are instantly more relaxed with the complementing look of a stone floor. And period colours and details, when coupled with stone floor tiles make for a more authentic traditional look. Our Toscano Perola stone effect modular floor tile, for example, is perfect for both styles.

stone effect floor tiles stone effect floor tiles

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There are of course pros and cons to both stone ‘effect’ and to real stone. But personal preference will determine which you choose. However, don’t be put off by the idea of stone ‘effect’ tiles as being the inferior choice. This is simply not true. These days stone effect look so authentically stone that it’s very difficult to tell the difference, even down to its texture. One example is our Loire Ecru Rustic Floor Tiles with its natural textured surface, which looks just as fabulous as real stone. My personal favourite, however, has got to be the Mont Blanc Multi slate stone effect floor tile with its spectrum of colours that perfectly imitates natural slate.

stone effect floor tiles stone effect floor tiles

A complete floor of stone effect floor tile can bring a feel of unity to a space. A sight line from one end to another can look more expansive with a neutral coloured stone floor throughout. Stone effect floors are especially good in a kitchen and dining space for obvious reasons and look stunning against other natural materials such as wood. You can cosy up designated areas such as a sitting area with a quality rug and lots of soft furnishings and soft lighting in the evenings.

One of the things I love most about a stone floor, whether real or ‘effect’, is its versatility and the fact that its likely you’ll not need to change it for many years. If this puts you off then remember that if you dress a room with different furnishings, fabrics, rugs and lighting the floor will take on a complete new personality but will still retain its stylishness, blending effortlessly with its new surroundings.

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