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Why we still love grey tiles

Grey is showing no sign of going out of favour. Floor and wall tiles in particular are thoroughly enjoying their extended popularity in this classic hue, and with so many different shades of wall and floor tiles available, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Grey is wonderful because, not only does it go with everything, it is happy to take a supporting role with other more vibrantly-coloured accessories, walls and furniture - helping to tone them down, rather than overwhelm. Any bright citrus shade accompaniment, or even pillar-box red, will work a treat with dependable grey. So take a look at our many ranges of grey tiles to discover just how show-stopping your grey décor could be, with styles that range from dark earthy slate to the softest dove-grey.

Calming pale grey…

Pale or dove grey is the new white but with a sophisticated twist. It’s a clever choice in that it creates the same blank canvas as a backdrop for a crisp white kitchen or bathroom, but is more of a considered look, but still giving that airy, spacious feel. Our Apennine Grey ceramic wall ties, if used together with warm woods, will balance all that snowy-sky softness. Extending a pale grey floor of tiles, as with our Downtown light grey floor tiles, throughout the home will create a feeling of unity and industrial chic, (these tiles have the look of smooth concrete) while still giving you an interesting neutral base upon which to lay your design masterpiece.


Above images: Apennine tiles and Downtown tiles 

Dramatic dark grey…

The big brother of pale grey is the dark and dusky shade of grey, renowned for its moody and dramatic look, which, when paired with certain soft colours like cream and beige, can also show its soft and homely side. Cote d’Azure dark grey wall tiles are a perfect example – moody until mollified with gentle pale shades, as are our Dwell Grey floor tiles, and many others in our range. White tiles also help to bring out dark grey’s softer side and stops it from looking too overpowering. Of course grey isn’t considered the warmest of colours so cosy things up with colours from the red palette – plums and aubergines for example.


Above images: Dwell tiles and Cote d’Azure tiles

And everything in between

There is a plethora of shades between the soft light and the dark moody grey to delight and complement your scheme. Use the texture of our HB Multi Narrow Linear mosaic tiles on a feature wall to create a feast for the eye, for example. Let’s not forget grey’s playful side. If bling is your thing, then try our Foil moonlight mosaic tiles for glitzy grey metallic sparkle – perfect for a backsplash with personality!