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Wondrous wood effect

Above Image: Timber Redwood Wood Effect Floor Tile

Flooring in the living areas of our homes has a pretty tough job, having to endure the wear and tear of foot traffic, muddy boots and spilt liquids. So it’s a good idea to choose a material that is practical and hardwearing while still looking good.

For that sense of warmth, comfort and richness in your home, a wooden floor cannot be beaten. However, wood has its drawbacks - it can damage, stain or warp, leading to rot problems – and for a product that is not cheap, this is not something you want to deal with on a regular basis.

But what if you were able to enjoy the colours and textures of raw wood with the practical hardwearing benefits of stone? Well, you can, with Tileflair’s wood effect floor tiles. These wondrous tiles look so much like wood that it is difficult to tell the difference between them but they won’t warp or stain because they are made from porcelain.

The French Parquet collection, for instance, is a mix of beautiful wood effect tiles that create a stunning geometric pattern but are made from porcelain and come in four different shades of wood.

French Parquet Wood Effect Tile Blanc French Parquet Wood Effect Tile Brown

Above images: French Parquet Wood Effect Tile Blanc and French Parquet Wood Effect Tile Brown

Our Pyrenees Smoke Wood Effect Tile even comes in a ‘plank’ size of 150mm x 900mm. This tile uses the latest digital and printing technologies to create a textured product with the grain and knots of real timber. Our Vancouver range is also imprinted with the texture and warmth of wood, and is matt finished. So, whether you prefer a single room or a full-on, open-plan wall-to-wall wood effect floor, these tiles can make a real homely impact.

Pyrenees Oak Wood Effect Tile 

Above Image: Pyrenees Oak Wood Effect Tile and Vancouver Country Dark Wood Effect Porcelain Tile                                                         

Using wood effect on the bathroom floor is a lovely way to add warmth and interest without spoiling the crisp look of a clean white space. Wood adds softness to a room that can’t be replicated, bringing pleasing warmth, colour and texture to even the most clinical-looking scheme. It is also a practical and welcoming choice for the hallway.

With our wood effect floor tiles, you too can have the warming character of wood but without having to worry about wet footprints, stains or spills. We have many wood effect tiles that we know will inspire your décor.

Take a look at all of our wood effect tiles for inspiration!