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5 Reasons to use Wood Effect Tiles

Contemporary Living Room by London Photographers Chris Snook

Wooden surfaces in the home can add so much to the scheme. The two wooden effect tile ranges at Tileflair are called Pyrenees and Wood. Pyrenees is a new tile range, recently added to the portfolio because of the additional effects the range offers.

  1. You can wear high heels on wood effect tiles. Real wood leaves little dents!
  1. They are extremely realistic and gorgeous thanks to inkjet technology. The textured knots and grain effects on ceramic and glazed porcelain wall and floor tiles is very high quality and lifelike.
  1. There are more alternative effects available than you can shake a stick at! Effects that add a modern twist to the design, colour, shape and style – not available with real wood.
  1. Glazed porcelain will last for longer than real wood – in terms of scratching and general wearing away. Sometimes this can add to the effect of real wood I know – but not in high traffic areas such as the main entrance of your house or next to the kitchen!
  1. Wood effect tiles add depth and character to a lot of interior styles – rustic/ country, modern, urban chic, traditional and contemporary. A very versatile and effective tile!


Pyrenees Tile Series

The Pyrenees tile series is available in a ‘plank’ size 150mm x 900mm. Four colours are available in the Pyrenees range, range from traditional to modern urban. Therefore this tile range will suit country and traditional room schemes when using the reddish hues of Hickory or Oak.

Urban schemes are also catered for that welcome an infusion of contrasting elements such as concrete and wood. The Natural and Smoke colours in this range have added a modern twist to the colours onto the existing wooden texture on the surface of the tiles.


Wood tile series

The Wood series is a realistic wood effect tile. It reaps the benefits of hard wearing glazed porcelain, but expresses the beauty of natural wood. The 560mm x 140mm tile size is reminiscent of planks of wood to add to the overall effect of the tile series. Available in 5 colours to suit the style of your room. The detail on the Wood tile series has a richness of colour and texture, perfect for rustic and country style schemes. Suitable for the wall and floor, in all areas of the home, including hallways floor spaces.