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Working with bold colour

Working bold coloured wall tiles into your decor is a dramatic way to make an impact, but it's easy to make a mistake with brights, so it's understandable that we tend to shy away, preferring to play it safe with classic neutrals and pastels. But going bold doesn't have to mean doing something costly that you'll regret. Strong shades can create modern impact and give depth and richness to a room

You do not need a bold and exuberant personality to use bold colour, in fact you may find that colour works its own magic. Not only do bold coloured wall tiles inject an energetic feel to your space, the right colours can spruce up dreary fittings and give a room a cheerful ambience.

I love blues in a bathroom, especially brighter colours from the blue palette like Teal, which give a Mediterranean quality to the room in that it evokes a bright sky and crashing waves, and makes it look cool fresh and clean. Team blue with white bathroom furniture and flooring, towels and accessories and the tiles will really stand out, making a real impact. Darker blues like midnight also look good too in a similar scheme but can look quite dark so you may only want to do this if the room is flooded with light.

It takes a brave person to put bright red wall tiles on the wall but it can look sophisticated with a bit of creative colour co-ordinating. Again white cupboards, flooring and accessories really make the red stand out and give the tiles the perfect backdrop. Also, bring some of the red out into the room too in accessories. Dark reds and purples give a warm luxurious feel to a room so is the perfect colour for the winter months.

Yellow is a colour that brings sunshine into the room in more ways than one. Surprisingly, yellow works well when complemented with contrasting colours like blues and greens. In a neutral kitchen, yellow offers that bold and versatile injection of colour.

My favourite by far, green is the colour of nature, and as such brings the outside indoors into whichever room it is used. Nature provides the most beautiful colours and offers us greens in all shades and tints, which revitalises the spirit.

Whatever colour you choose, let it stimulate your senses. Be daring, be bold.