Deltaboard 1200x600x20mm

£16.08 each
  • Code: 20MM DELTA

    Deltaboard is a high performance thermal construction board, BBA approved.

    • Thermally insulated
    • Tile ready surface
    • Waterproof
    • Lightweight
    • Impact sound reduction
    • Internal & external use
    • Extensive range of sizes (more available on request)
    • High compression & strength
    • Enhances underfloor heating

    Deltaboard is easy to use and is fixed with cement based flexible adhesives (not ready mixed or solvent based) or washers*. Once fixed, a perfect surface for tiles is created.

    DeltaBoard is manufactured using high density extruded polystyrene which provides excellent insulating properties. The extruded polystyrene core has a factory applied reinforced cement coating which provides excellent impact strength, sound reduction and fire resistance making them ideal for construction.

    Underfloor heating systems are enhanced by reducing the downwards heat loss. DeltaBoard is resistant to water making them ideal for use in areas subject to prolonged or permanent water immersion.

    *Deltaboard Washers are required to install Deltaboards, available as Plastic Washers and Galvanised Washers.

    If Deltaboard is being fitted in a wet area, Delta seal 290ml and the Delta Waterproofing kit is also recommended.

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