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Give your conservatory a facelift with floor tiles

Has the carpet in your conservatory seen better days? Are you considering new flooring in there? Something that breathes life back into the room, turning in into the restful sanctuary that it should be. Floor tiles are an excellent choice for the conservatory, as they are practical and stylish, and give a feel of spaciousness to the room.

Traditional Sunroom by London Furniture & Accessories Alison at Home

Choosing new floor tiles for the conservatory could not be easier because any floor tile you use for the rest of the house, you can also use for the conservatory. This means essentially that you can make the room feel more integral to the rest of house, rather than as an afterthought, or an add-on that makes the overall scheme of the house feel a little disjointed. Even better, some floor tiles can also be used outside so are perfect for a patio area, again offering a smooth transition from inside to out. Imagine it. The same beautiful floor tiles throughout the living area, extending into the conservatory, and then out into the garden where they will be framed by an abundance of plants and shrubs.

conservatory floor tiles

Flooring plays such a major part in the overall look of your conservatory, and ultimately your house, that it can make or break the overall appearance. But using the same neutral floor tiles to extend into the conservatory from the rest of the living accommodation helps to create a feeling of unity that is restful upon the eye, allowing the rest of the décor to take as much attention as you desire.

However, unless the conservatory is an integral part of the house, is fully insulated or has underfloor heating, a conservatory with porcelain tiles might feel a little chilly in the winter months. But if this is all that’s stopping you from choosing floor tiles, remember that you can always throw down a rug to make the room feel more cosy, and take it up again when the room needs to feel cooler.

conservatory floor tiles

That said, use some of our lovely tiles and you will not want to cover them up. Our Monaco range for instance, classic in brickwork placement, but modern and chic in side-by-side formation, comes in four temping colours, and in two finishes of natural matt or polished gloss. So whatever the look you are trying to create, this tile will oblige. Our Coast range is equally stunning and offers a subtle texture on the surface of the tile.

  conservatrory floor tiles
Contemporary Dining Room by London Architects & Building Designers Lex McMillan Architects Ltd

For something truly stunning our Landown Modular floor tiles are a realistic stone design that has colour variations to add detail and charm to the floor. The elegance of this traditional soft stone style can be continued outdoors as well as in.

Tiled floors in a conservatory will create an attractive, luxurious and hardwearing surface that will withstand years of use. Soften with an abundance of large planters and luscious foliage for a truly serene space.