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Patterned Floor Tiles

The use of bold pattern in our homes is continuing to rise with many designers using it to dramatic effect, and magazines and websites displaying images of modern kitchens using floral and geometric designs with confidence and flair. However, the most striking impact has to be in patterned floor tiles.

patterned tiles

In a neutral scheme a patterned floor tile can be used to impressive effect in the kitchen, bringing individuality to the room and giving it a relaxed modern feel. A patchwork of geometric and floral design tiles like the Artisan Tile Series for example, are reminiscent of the Victorian era and looks stunning in an otherwise simple kitchen with white cabinetry and simply designed furniture and accessories. Our Sainte Maxime Almond Décor floor tiles for instance are a mix of subtle patterns, the hexagonal shape of these floor tiles adding another element of interest.

patterned tiles patterned tiles

Using decorative flooring, such as patterned floor tiles allows the largest surface in the kitchen to take centre stage. But not only does it bring your kitchen to life but there are other benefits too. Patterned floor tiles hides dirt brilliantly, so is great for a house with young children or muddy boots. It can also be very forgiving of damage.

artisan patterned tiles artisan patterned tiles artisan patterned tiles artisan patterned tiles  artisan patterned tiles artisan patterned tiles

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Patterned floor tiles make a room feel more intimate, which is perfect for a very large room, which otherwise might look like a bit like an aircraft hanger. But even in the tiniest of kitchens patterned floor tiles bring a sense of fun and indulgence. That said, in a small kitchen one trick to consider when using patterned floor tiles is to run the tiles up the plinth of an island, or to use them on the skirting board, which tricks the eye into making a compact room feel larger.

Scandinavian Home Office by Vancouver Interior Designers & Decorators Andrea McLean Design Office

You don’t necessarily need to use the same patterned flooring throughout a large open space. Use a plain floor tile next to a patterned floor to delineate separate functional areas and to give some contrast to an area you wish to highlight. Consider, for instance, our Artisan Carbone Grey Décor floor tile, which, when teamed with our Artisan Base wall and floor tile create a beautiful and unified kitchen. Then, choose a specific colour from the patterned tiles to use on the walls for an overall cohesive look.

Contemporary Bathroom by Austin Architects & Building Designers Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects