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3 ways to make dark tiles look fabulous

There’s no doubt about it, dark wall tiles are the ultimate in moody chic. Whether you intend to set them off with lighter shades elsewhere, or want the whole room in your favourite dark shade, we can show you how to work grey, black or deep blue tiles into your interior.

Team with lighter walls and fittings

A wall of dark tiles can tend to recede, but partnering it with an adjoining wall in a contrasting shade and texture can really showcase the tiles. Fresh white painted walls, together with our bold Piombo Charcoal Edge tile - a muted black toned tile that can be defined with white grout - and contrasted with clean whites throughout the room in the form of cabinetry and crockery, bring amonochromatic magic that always makes a strong visual impact.


Images above: Piombo Charcoal Edge tile and Montalcino Black Wall Tile 

Don’t think that dark tiled walls should be confined to dramatic feature walls. Dark tiles can work brilliantly in the bathroom. Our Montalcino Black Wall Tile are porcelain tiles that look like slate and work beautifully with the contrast of marble-like features and with plenty of white sanitary ware the room will look effortlessly glam.

Just add bold colour

Pairing dark walls with accessories and furniture in luminous shades of a rich bold colour can really energise a room. Colours such as turquoise, salmon or emerald are the perfect accompaniments to a darker tiled background. Our Marylebone dark grey metro wall tiles may seem a little too dusky for some tastes, but colourful furniture and accessories stand out against these dark tiles in a way that accentuates the colour and adds vibrancy. The trick is to have good lighting to avoid dinginess. Pools of light work best, functioning to highlight areas while adding atmosphere.


Images above: Marylebone dark grey metro wall tiles and Apennine black, a satin ceramic tile 

Be cohesive

Take a beautiful tile and make it the key feature in the room. Work to select accessories and furniture to complement the tiles for a cohesive look, rather than choose disparately in the hope that it works. Rich, dark coloured tiles are brought to life by shiny accessories such as brass taps and a rich copper sink. Our Apennine black, a satin ceramic tile, looks fabulous with chrome for instance and adds big impact. Our black Mix Fuseglass mosaic tiles, however, when complemented with accessories in shades of bronze, gold and silver – characteristic elements of these tiles – bring a wonderful dazzle and sparkle to your interior without looking too bling.

Far from making a room feel dim and depressing, give them the right backdrop and dark tiles can look really dramatic and stylish.

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