Patterned Tiles

Bring creativity and style to your home, with our range of patterned floor tiles. Whether kitchen, bathroom or outdoors, we have the perfect designs to add that something special and touch of magic to your home interior design look.

Patterned Tiles

Bordeaux Troyes Patterned

This striking Bordeaux Troyes tile features a burnt orange and cream hexagonal-style geo pattern. Let the dark grey panel detail within the pattern set the tone for the rest of the room by using dark furniture or walls.

Take a look - Bordeaux Troyes Patterned.

Bordeaux Dinan Patterned Tiles

If you love patterned tiles as much as we do, then our new Victorian-style range is bound to set your pulse racing. Inspired by Mediterranean and Moroccan infused designs, this tile range brings relaxed and sun-faded patterns, adding instant chic to any home.

Take a look - Bordeaux Dinan Patterned Tiles.

Thanks to the.taylorsatno.12 for the beautiful image.

Bordeaux Metz Patterned

Combining the practicality and durability of glazed porcelain, with stunning colour and pattern, these tiles make any wall or floor into a statement piece. All you need do is decide which pattern suits your personality and your home.

Take a look - Bordeaux Metz Patterned.

Thanks to the_blackmore_bungalow for the fantastic picture.

Quilt Patchwork Random Decor

The eclectic patterned tiles in the Quilt tile series, is highly bang on trend at the moment. Patterned tiles have made a delightful comeback, bringing beautiful colours and designs to our homes.

Take a look - Bordeaux Lille Patterned.

Thanks to fps_property_services for the delightful image.

Bordeaux Lille Patterned

The Bordeaux range features patterns that are not only vibrant and beautiful; they’re also tough, easy to clean and super practical.

Take a look - Bordeaux Lille Patterned.

Thanks to fiddianrosser for the delightful image.

Bordeaux Arcachon Patterned

A pale tile with dusky rose and soft beige detail. The broader pattern of this tile works well in a large room such as a hallway, making it warm and inviting. The clean colour palette simplifies the intricacy of the pattern and keeps it from feeling too busy.

Take a look - Bordeaux Arcachon Patterned.

Thanks to kittiwake.home for the delightful image.

New England Mono Star Decor

New England tiles are simply stunning. If you love patchwork tiles, these premium designs will add the wow factor to any room. Add style to your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, bedroom or cloakroom.

Take a look - New England Mono Star Decor.

Thanks to oakley_and_norman_ltd for the beautiful picture.

Madrid Salamanca Blue Patterned

These Salamanca Blue patterned tile designs will add a statement floor or feature wall to your bathroom, kitchen or hallway interior. Manufactured in high quality porcelain.

Take a look - Madrid Salamanca Blue Patterned.

Thanks to our.melrose.home for the cracking shot.

Art Black and White Balance

The striking designs of Art Black and White Balance tiles will make a real statement in your home, whether it’s a small area or on the whole floor.

Take a look - Art Black and White Balance.

Thanks to carolinerowlandeditor for the stunning picture.

Art Colours Square

This looks particularly striking just inside the front door, or underneath a dining table. You could also use patterned border tiles to frame a larger section of simpler tiles to give interest.

Take a look - Art Colours Square.

Thanks to gd_tiling_bristol for the stunning picture.

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