8m2 Amber Underfloor Heating, Concrete Floor (1200W)

£465.72 each
  • Code: A150080

    Amber Underfloor Heating Mat for Concrete Floor, for coverage 8m2 (1200 Watts)

    12 Year Guarantee*

    Perfect for concrete floors, used as either a primary or secondary heat source, depending on the heat loss of the room.

    • Twin Conductor (Cable Construction)
    • Self Adhesive Mesh (Material)
    • 4m Cold Tail
    • 100% Aluminium Earth Shield

    Other sized mats available ranging 1m2 - 12m2, all 150W per m2 for concrete and 100W per m2 for timber flooring.

    Touch Screen Thermostats available: Pro Touch, Amber Touch and Amber Smart Wifi Touch.

    * Read the Amber Underfloor Heating blog for more information about the 12 year warranty and general FAQs.

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