25KG BAL Bedding Mortar Outdoor

£33.60 each
  • Code: BEDDING MO

    BAL Bedding Mortar is a special cement with graded fillers for producing a high performance mortar bed for the application of external tiles, to the requirements of BS 7533-4.

    • External Dry or Wet Applications
    • Laying a mortar bed before fixing external pavers and tiles
    • Bed depth from 10mm (Min 25mm on MOT Type 1) up to 100mm thickness
    • Domestic or commercial use
    • Coverage: 1.25m2 (10mm thickness)
    • 1hr working time
    • Walkable in 12 hours
    • Perfect bedding system bedding system for 20mm porcelain
    • Freeze-thaw resistant - protecting external installations against damage
    • Suitable on both bonded and unbonded backgrounds including concrete and Type 1 MOT

    CAN BE TILED AFTER: 12 hours

    Recommended use with BAL Priming Slurry Bond, BAL Level Out and BAL Terrace Grout.

    BAL Bedding Mortar Technical Datasheet. Contact the Helpdesk for specific help with your outdoor tiling project.

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