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Norcros Rock-Tite Exterior Porcelain and Stone Mortar 25kg

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£13.80 each
  • Code: MORTAR

    A quick and easy 3 part system for laying 20mm exterior porcelain tiles. Once you have applied the Primer, simply mix the Mortar with water and lay tiles onto a full bed of the mortar mix. Suitable for a bed thickness of 10mm to 80mm. Use in conjunction with Norcros Rock-Tite Exterior Porcelain and Stone Primer and Brush-in Grout for a lifetime guarantee.

    Norcros Rock-Tite Mortar is a fibre reinforced sand:cement mortar specifically designed for bonding concrete, natural stone and porcelain paving slabs to both hardcore and solid bases. The mortar only requires the addition of water and contains the specially designed Rock-Tite additives to improve performance, workability and freeze/thaw resistance of the mortar mix. The Mortar has a setting time of around 24 hours. Supplied in 25kg plastic bags for storing outside.

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