RUBI 5972 Ceramic Rubbing Block

£14.28 each
  • Code: 5972

    RUBI 5972 Abrasive Block

    • The RUBI Ceramic Rubbing Block is designed to smooth the rough edges of cut ceramic tiles.
    • Ensures a professional appearance is maintained throughout your tiling.
    • Made from highly durable silicon carbide, the rubbing block has two sides - one with coarse grit and the other with medium grit. The coarse side is suitable for initial smoothing work, whereas the medium is suitable for finishing up before laying.
    • Size 150mm x 50mm x 25mm.
    • The perfect complement for all professional ceramic tile fixers.
    • Thanks to its dual gritting, professional fixers can use the abrasive block both to rectify cuts and minor deviations and to smooth out edges and imperfections of the enamel.
    • The rectangular design of the RUBI abrasive block adapts perfectly to the user's hand, providing a more comfortable working environment.

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