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Add texture to your home

When it comes to a good design in the kitchen or bathroom touch and visual depth is key. The important, yet often overlooked, effect of texture can be the difference between a mediocre room and a WOW room.

Bathrooms or kitchens with lots of slick and shiny surfaces can feel cold, but by adding texture you can make even the stoniest visitor want to stroke the walls.

Even a pure white bathroom can have loads of texture if you use our Capua tile collection with it surface of tiny cubes on a gloss finish.  This delightful white tile serves the room by adding practicality, beauty and visual depth. Light bounces off the tiny squares for a playful, elegant effect.

Our Crusader range, with its gently rippling surface, is available in white, lilac and red, which means that you add not only texture but also vibrant colours too.

Capua tile collection Crusader range

Images above: Capua tile collection and Crusader range

Our Linear range, a sophisticated textured wall tile, adds depth to your kitchen. And our Artemis Grey Riven Decor Tile, a beautiful neutral grey tile with a gentle horizontal texture adds a certain something to a contemporary space which otherwise might look too sparse and cold. But the ultimate in textured tiles for a contemporary room has to be the Venetian Perla Relief tile. These wonderful tiles give the illusion of Venetian blinds and look stunning wherever they are placed.

Artemis Grey Riven Decor Tile Venetian Perla Relief tile

Images above: Artemis Grey Riven Decor Tile and Venetian Perla Relief tile

Mosaics, by their very nature, give the room a beautifully textured feel. Hundreds of tiny tiles work hard to catch both the eye and the light, bouncing shapes and colours around the room. And at Tileflair we have many to choose from. From our Imola Mosaic with its own combination of stone, metal and glass textures, to the Antique Pearl mosaic series with its imitation of the rippling azure sea.

Imola Mosaic Antique Pearl Mosaic

Images above: Imola Mosaic  and Antique Pearl mosaic

Natural textures such as wood make the room feel warm and grounded. Our Timber Redwood floor tiles are very realistic and look just like the real thing. Our Vancouver Country Dark wood effect porcelain tile is alive with the grain and knots of real wood.

Timber Redwood Floor Tiles Vancouver Country Dark Wood Effect Tiles

Images above: Timber Redwood floor tiles and Vancouver Country Dark wood effect porcelain tile

In the most beautifully luxurious kitchens and bathrooms you will see a range of different textures at work. When it comes to putting together a scheme to create an all-over tactile and visual feast, you just cannot go wrong with textured tiles.

Take a look at our stunning tiles to see what your tile style is!