How Much Does Electric Underfloor Heating Cost?

Underfloor Heating with Amber at Tileflair is an affordable luxury that will you will not regret, especially during those chilly winter months.

How Much Does Electric Underfloor Heating Cost?

There are always a few questions that arise when considering underfloor heating. Hopefully they are all included below:

What floor finish is suitable for the AmberMat System?

Most floor finishes are suitable for use with underfloor heating providing the floor has been prepared correctly and any manufacturer’s temperature guidelines have been adhered to.

What do I need to consider?

• The total area

• The heated area

• How well the space is insulated

• Whether it’s secondary heat source (ie also a heated towel rail or radiator in the room) or primary heat source.

• The subfloor underneath

• The floor covering

Which type of mat do I need to order – 100w/m² or 150w/m²?

The 100w/m² mats are for installation on wooden floors. If the wooden floor is ventilated, it is important to have some form of insulation beneath.

150w/m² mats are for installation onto concrete based floors, Amber would always recommend installing some form of insulation beneath.

Can I put AmberMat underneath a bath or shower tray or kitchen units etc?

Amber does not recommend that the AmberMat is installed under any such fixtures for a number of reasons;

• It can inhibit the heat being produced from the system causing it to possibly overheat or damage furniture.

• If ever a fault was to occur, then it would be extremely difficult to carry out a repair.

How thick does the layer of adhesive/levelling compound need to be?

The adhesive bed has to be thick enough to cover the cables; generally 4-5mm is sufficient.

How long do I have to leave the heating system, after tiling, before switching it on?

Amber would recommend that the adhesive used is allowed to dry/cure naturally and to follow manufacturer’s recommendations.

What is the estimated running cost of the underfloor heating system?

The running cost of a cable or mat is dependant upon its rating/output and is based on the units of electricity consumed. A unit of electricity is 1000watts (1KW) for 1hour at the unit cost of electricity

i.e 1500w x Ihr x 15p/unit = 22.5p/hr.

What is the maximum floor finish thickness I can have with AmberMat?

This will depend upon the finish specified.

• For timber, 20mm for soft wood, 30mm for hard wood and most wood laminates are OK but may needto be treated on merit.

• Most vinyls are suitable as long as manufacturers temperature limits are adhered to.

• Carpets and underlays are suitable but the lower the tog rating the better for the system response times.

How does the 12 year warranty work?

To validate your Amber Warranty simply fill in the warranty registration form on the next page, using the information from your Commissioning Certificate, provided by your installer / electrician. This information must be submitted within 30 days from completion of installation.

Amber will honour the warranty periods for each product providing they have been installed by a qualified electrician/electrical contractor in accordance with IEE 17th Edition wiring regulations and the installation conforms to Part P of the Building Regulations 2005. Please ensure the installation has been carried out in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and the relevant commissioning certificate has been completed and registered online within 30 days from completion of installation. Failure to do this will result in the warranty being void.

Your warranty does not cover the following:

  • Any unauthorised installation of the products
  • Any faults caused by damage or incorrect installation
  • A system which has not been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Any other subsequential or consequential damages
  • Any faults resulting from others’ incorrect design

Amber will in no event be liable for consequential losses or secondary charges, this warranty only covers the repair or replacement of your system and does not extend to costs of relaying, replacing or repairing any floor covering or floor. None of the above warranties affect your statutory rights.


The Tileflair Helpdesk will happily answer more specific questions you have regarding your own project. We are always happy to help and find the perfect tiling and underfloor heating solution for you.

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