How to clean your grout

It’s a job you’ve been putting off forever but your grubby grout can no longer be ignored. It's time to restore your tiles to their former glory.

How to clean your grout

Contrary to popular belief most grout is not actually waterproof but merely water resistant, which means that it can absorb moisture. If this moisture contains dirt particles then the build up will result is grubby looking grout.

It’s a blight on your beautiful bathroom wall tiles, kitchen splashbacks or floors, a job you've been putting off for ages! Fear not though, help is at hand to make the job easier and avoidable in the future...

​So how do you clean stained grout?

Well you can either prevent the build up in the first place by using a grout and tile protector, or you can deal with it afterwards by using a grout stain remover. You can also maintain the grout and keep your wall tiles looking fabulous with an everyday cleaner for kitchen and bathroom wall tiles like LTP Multiclean Aftercare, a specially formulated product to help reduce the build up of dirt.

Before you start, make sure your cleaning product it is actually suitable for use on your wall tiles. Some stain removal products are unsuitable for marble, travertine or limestone.

LTP Grout Stain Remover is a rapid action cleaning agent that will remove grout residue and stains. This is a heavy duty cleaner that can remove grout from the tiles if not washed off properly during installation. This will remove grout stains, but should not be used on a regular basis.

LTP Grimex spray (also available as concentrate) is another heavy duty cleaner for a major clean, that safely cleans tiles and grout and does not contain any acid. These products will bring the sparkle back to your tiles.

Some cleaning products actually damage the grout, so a cleaning spray specifically for tiles and grout should be used to make your life easier in the long run.

How to keep your grout clean

For floor tiles, especially in high traffic areas in the home, a darker grout colour is recommended to maintain an even look throughout the tile design. Also specially formulated porcelain floor tile cleaners will effectively clean porcelain without damaging the tile or grout, including sealed, un-sealed, polished and unpolished surfaces.

The LTP Multiclean Aftercare is also a specially formulated product to help reduce the build up of dirt and maintain the look and beauty of your tile designs. This can be used everyday or whenever you clean your porcelain floor tiles.

If you have just installed new tiles or are about to, or have just cleaned your tiles/grout and they are looking as beautiful as they should be - LTP Grout Protector Spray is the ideal product to keep your tiles looking like they should do. Simply spray over the grout and tiles and a protective barrier is formed to stop the penetration of water/dirt/oil/limescale.

More information about grout in general, in non-geeky language and tips for choosing the best grout colour are available.

There are multiple grout colours available at Tileflair and we want then to stay looking as they should! You can also get matching sealants to complete the look.

Contact the Helpdesk for any questions about cleaning, sealing or maintaining the look of your tiles.

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