Refresh Your Decor With A Fabulous Feature Wall

The feature wall is a creative design tool that performs great things in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms across the country. The beauty of the feature wall lies in its ability to balance the shape of a room and to create a focal point. And it can fit any style of décor, whether modern or traditional, or any mood, whether dramatic and playful, quiet and restful.

Refresh Your Decor With A Fabulous Feature Wall

Designers have been using wall tiles to form stunning features for many years. Homeowners are becoming increasingly more adventurous, having been inspired by the impact that feature walls can have in a home.

In a small space, such as in a bathroom, you don’t need much to make a huge impact – a feature wall is a great way to make it come alive. The feature wall in this bathroom using our Art Colours Chess tile, makes the most dramatic statement.

Graphics are a mainstay on the interiors scene, and the choices of bold prints and pattern are endless. This monochrome statement made by the Art Black and White Moonline tile gives a very modern and arty edge to this bathroom. It really lifts the whole room.

Feature 02

A feature wall provides a central point for a room’s visual appeal, bringing colour, pattern and texture together into a cohesive whole. Look at how stunning and fresh this bedroom looks with the New England Pastels Gloucester behind the bed.

Dark tile colours such as black or charcoal may seem a bit on the dark side, but they create a feel to the room that is soft and warm. They add depth and cosiness, particularly in the bedroom where it can be delightfully dramatic. If you’re into the darker tiles as a feature wall then you’ll be interested in our Puglia Black Tile. A thoroughly modern textured porcelain tile that creates a cocoon effect. The subtle but beautiful Wardlow does a wonderful job of offering a natural these to any décor, with its slate-like appearance – perfect for creating a very understated but stylish feature wall.

Feature 03

A feature wall is no longer about the use of a single block of colour or surface as it has been in the past. Now feature walls are more likely to comprise textured tiles that give depth and energy to a room. For example, the Linear, or the Vinaros.

There is a trend in the last couple of years toward natural looking finishes. Wood-effect tiles with a rustic look, such as our French Parquet, give an earthy aesthetic to a feature wall.

Feature 04

The world is your oyster when it comes to creating a fabulous feature wall. It provides a fantastic opportunity to define the essence of your space, while at the same time expressing your individuality. Create a feature wall and you too can take your living space to the next level of fabulous.

Create something beautiful and see what a stunning feature wall could do for your home. Get in touch and find out how we can help you.

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