Working With Bold Colour

Working bold coloured wall tiles into your decor is a dramatic way to make an impact.

Working With Bold Colour

Some decide to play it safe with classic neutrals and pastels, while others decide to make a statement. Strong shades can create modern impact and give depth and richness to a room if you so desire.

Not only do bold coloured tiles inject an energetic feel to your space, the right colours can spruce up interiors and give a cheerful ambience.

... Read on to discover how bold colour could transform your home.

Cool Blues

The blue palette has many shades and tones, from Teal and electric blues, to the gorgeous bright metro Blok blue tiles, to the playful Brick Jade. Team blue with white furniture and flooring, towels and accessories and the tiles will really stand out, making a real impact.

See Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 for more classic blue inspired colour schemes.

Citrus Fresh

Bursting with zest and energy, a citrus colour scheme will boost your spirits and brighten your day. Yellow brings sunshine and works well when complemented with contrasting colours like blues and greens. In a neutral kitchen, yellow offers that bold and versatile injection of colour.

Orange can be used as a bright and bold main colour scheme choice, or used as a creative and fun accent colour to blue or neutral palettes. Carnaby Burnt Orange, San Vincenzo Canyon and Cassis Ginger tiles are prime examples of orange enthusiasm.

Green is the colour of nature, ranging from muted olive and sage shades, to the bold and beautiful kelp greens, to citrus lime tones.

Daring Reds

Be brave and daring with red wall tiles. Combine with dark surfaces and gold tones for a rich colour scheme. Red can also add colour to your kitchen walls with Marylebone or Blok metro wall tiles, experiment with grout colour and tile patterns such as herringbone.

Rose & Coral Pinks

#Divinesavages designed their kitchen around the candyfloss tones of Haban Rose tiles, also shown by #designbymils at the top of this blog.

Patterns, Design & Geometric Shapes

See below for real customer pictures of their colourful tile creations and read on to find out which colour pallets may appeal to your dream interior designs...

Bold colour can be combined with unique patterns, prints and geometric tile designs to add impact and punch to your interior style. Dare to be different, be bold and have fun with your interiors.

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