Clearance Tiles Explanation

You may be wondering what ‘clearance tiles’ are…

Clearance tiles are exactly the same quality as the rest of the tiles sold in Tileflair stores and online. Due to the nature of the product and the manufacturing process, each batch of tiles we buy from our suppliers can be of a different shade and/or calibre to the next batch. This means that we may end up with some tiles left over from a batch that do not match the tiles we receive on our next delivery from the manufacturer. Consequently, tiles sold in the clearance section may be all the same batch (but not our current stock batch) or may be a mix of batches depending on the quantity required. We do not accept returns or refunds for tiles in our clearance range.

In addition, we discontinue lines from time to time and tiles from these lines are placed in the clearance section. Discontinued lines may also contain more than one batch. Obviously, we can only sell the quantity of tiles that we have and cannot supply more in the future.

Don’t forget, these tiles are not seconds and there is nothing wrong with the quality of them.

Clearance tiles can be purchased online or in store or by calling our Helpdesk team on 0117 959 8888 or
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