Frequently Asked Questions: Premium Glass

How do i find out more information?

Simply call our expert team on 0117 959 2099 or email

Do you use toughened glass?

Yes. We use 6mm toughened, low iron glass which meets BS6206 standards.

Is the glass heat-resistant?

Yes. All the glass panels supplied are heat resistant to 220˚C

How are the edges of the glass panels finished?

All external glass edges are polished smooth

Do the glass panels come with a guarantee?

Yes. The manufacturer provides a 10-year guarantee against colour or print delamination (peeling).

Can I fit the glass splashback myself?

Fitting a small glass panel is relatively easy and can be done by yourself with the fitting adhesive provided by Red Dog. For more complex glass panels we would recommend that you employ a professional to measure and fit.

My wall space is an odd shape - can you cut the glass to fit?

Our manufacturer uses hi-tech machinery which ensures extremely accurate and close-fitting cuts, it can accommodate notches, curves, and other irregular shapes.

What about sockets, switches, utensil racks, etc?

These cannot be accommodated retrospectively and so the relevant holes must be cut out during the production process. Sockets, switches, and accessories can be refitted once the glass is installed resulting in a high-quality, streamlined look.

What’s the minimum distance between the cutout or hole and the edge of the glass?

Please position holes or sockets at least 20mm from the glass edge.

Does the wall need to be flat and in good condition?

The walls need to be free from bows, twists, or raised areas over approximately 2-3 mm. An unevenness of less than that depth can be taken up by adhesive. Wiring must be chased into walls and any light fittings should be in place, allowing at least 10mm for the thickness of the glass splashbacks plus sealant. Any sharp areas need to be sanded. All walls must be sealed using either PVA or emulsion paint. Ultimately, the walls will be obscured by the glass, so the surface doesn’t need to look pretty.

Can the glass panel be fitted on top of my existing tiles?

We do not recommend this.