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Get the Industrial look in your kitchen

An Industrial-style kitchen screams New York urban loft apartment. Cool and sophisticated, it offers a world of opportunity for showing off your creativity.

A home’s bare elements can serve as the perfect backdrop for industrial style. We’re talking brick walls, exposed metal pipes or ductwork, aged timber and various other construction elements and if you have unique architecture, high ceilings and great acoustics then all the better. For true industrial you’ll need to incorporate salvaged materials along with vintage and antique furnishings (or new ‘aged’ furnishings). This all looks great in combination with open metal shelves, retro-looking appliances and modern metal cupboards.

In the absence of these elements you can still incorporate the industrial into your home. There is a world of options for wall tiles when looking to style your kitchen with the industrial vibe. Team exposed brick style walls with a smooth finished tile for a clean industrial look. Or for real impact use a whole wall of tiles rather than just a splash back. Slate grey wall tiles like our ‘Efeso’ range with white grout.

For a simple clean look go for white tiles with black or grey grout. Metro wall tiles like our ‘Brick’ or ‘Edge’ range will look more fitting but you can use plain square wall tiles as long as they are placed squarely on top of each other. This also works with grey tiles and white grout, especially if you use either oversized tiles or small tiles like our ‘Trend’ range. Team this with concrete worktops which are popular right now, and which would fit perfectly into the industrial kitchen. To finish the look go for exposed shelves either in metal or stripped back wood. Industrial kitchens can also easily incorporate oversized appliances and lighting, think ‘commercial restaurant kitchen’.

For the floor you’ll want to continue with that industrial vibe but with an element of comfort. Use cool grey floor tiles that have the look of concrete but with the benefits of floor tile durability. Our ‘Trend’ floor tiles in ‘Plata’ work well.

The main benefit of the industrial kitchen is the feeling of spaciousness; large windows let the light flood in, and the different elements of salvaged or natural materials; the metal, the concrete and the stone work together to create a kitchen that is spacious but inviting, it makes you want to linger there, to spend some time sitting soaking up the atmosphere, like your favourite Urban café.