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Country Style Kitchen Tiles


Despite the spacious, minimalistic, sterile appeal of the modern, contemporary kitchen, many of us still drool over images of country style kitchens, with their rustic cosiness that speaks of days gone by, when furniture was made to last and wore the patina of decades of use. Range cookers are essential in the quintessential country style kitchen, as are hardwood or stone floor tiles, a butler sink, perhaps a dresser and of course the ceramic wall tiles.

brick country brick country kitchen

The country style kitchen is eclectic, slightly imperfect, built to last, there is no place for cheap plastic is the country kitchen, instead enduring materials like wood, stone and ceramic take centre stage. Patterns and colour in the wall tiles, in the fabrics and in the china bring the country style kitchen to life. Nature may take part too, with the help of potted herbs, botanical prints or hanging garlic strings.

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A country style kitchen is not about being old fashioned; indeed modern touches such as stainless steel items or painted shaker panelled cabinet doors add interest to this style and brings it comfortably into the 21st century. Touches such as metro tiles, our Efeso or Brick ranges for instance, or patterned and patchwork tiles like our Artisan range bring a modern edge but still allows the space to retain the simplicity of the country kitchen.

There is a sense of permanence in the country kitchen and a lack of fussiness. All the elements are working hard to create a practical and functional space. There is a little clutter but everything has its place, with open shelves housing china and glass and where cooking necessities are to hand. All the separate elements are working together to create a harmonious whole. A sense of peace pervades the country kitchen, where the family gathers for food or for easy conversation. At the heart of the country style kitchen is the owners personality, with mixed and matched pieces that create an entirely unique space.

Artisan Country Kitchen patterned tile  Quilt patterned country tiles