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Orange is the new gorgeous!

Do you wish there was a magic ingredient that would bring some energy, vitality, and excitement into your home décor? A little vibrancy to lift your spirits whenever you come home? Well I’m here to tell you that there is such an ingredient – it’s orange wall tiles.                              

This colour in a wall tile is so energetic that it immediately elevates your space while at the same time giving it a warming and quirky twist.

Our lovely Milano Orange wall tiles are simple and honest. The gloss on these tiles adds even more excitement to the colour. 

The perfect accompaniment to so many hues including bluepinkgreenblack … (lustrous orange wall tiles set against a dark background will really stand out) In fact I find it difficult to think of colours that orange doesn’t go with. Use it to jazz up neutrals or to give one zing of colour among a cacophony of other bright shades.


Images above: Milano Orange Embossed Décor and Foil Sunbeam Mosaic

If you want just a little dash of orange to update or add interest to a neutral kitchen then use orange tiles on the backsplash. Use orange accessories too to accent and bring coherence to the room. Or be bolder and make a statement with a whole feature wall of them. Especially in the bathroom, this amazing colour is offset beautifully by crisp white sanitary-ware and dark wood furniture.

If you’re looking for a little mosaic magic add some sparkle with our Foil Sunbeam Mosaic – a mix of foil orange, bronze and silver that will enrich any bathroom. Or for a wall tile with added textural interest, our Milano Orange Embossed Décor cannot be beaten in the orange stakes.

Rather that swathe a bathroom that lacks light in predicable whites and shades thereof, consider going for a full-on orange. There is no way a bathroom of orangewall tiles can look dreary and dull, you must agree.

No matter where you put them, orange wall tiles add an energy and a gorgeousness to even the dullest room.

For more inspirational ideas, take a look at our huge range of wall tiles.